Should Non-Olympic Weightlifters Wear Weightlifting Shoes?

Whether you are an Olympic or a non-olympic weightlifter, the amount of practice, exercise, and fitness training needed for both is completely the same. And yet, non-olympic weightlifters always ask a question to themselves “whether they should buy weightlifting shoes for themselves or not?”

Weightlifting shoes are quite useful for bar lifters, it provides you comfort, stable base, breathable space, and a set amount of high heel. All of this is actually needed for a weightlifter to be able to sync in their squats and back portion. The high heels allow the weightlifters to maintain a posture where their back is straight and at the same time, they are able to go deeper into the squat position.

weightlifting shoes

Looking at these features, we are sure that you might take a fierce decision of purchasing weightlifting shoes. But it’s vital for you to know that these shoes demand lots of maintenance, money, and stability. Therefore, today we’ll be discussing the pros and cons of buying weightlifting shoes in context to professional and nonprofessional weightlifters.

1. Why should Olympic weightlifters purchase weightlifting shoes?

Undoubtedly, these shoes are a necessity for all the professional Olympic weightlifters. However, it totally depends on how much weight they lift, as the weight or bars increase, the squat position goes deeper. Hence, to maintain the squat position with straight upright position, they have to use weightlifting shoes.

The heels attached to the shoes allow you to stand still and stable, moreover, these shoes are generally not cushioned due to which the force applied from the ground enables them to exert more to push up the bar. So, in the end, we strongly recommend professional weightlifters to go for the best lifting shoes | .

2. Should non-Olympic players use weightlifting shoes?

The professional weightlifters have to learn to lift weights to their utmost level, the weights are set in 1 Kilograms of increment. Therefore, managing the body posture with the heaviest weight in accordance to their body weight is quite difficult. Hence, weightlifting shoes is an essential part of their practice.

doing weightlifting the right way ?

However, if you’re training for just normal fitness and body toning, weightlifting shoes are not recommended by the trainers. But if you generally lift heavy weights with a set of squats to maintain your body structure, it’s good to own weightlifting shoes, otherwise, you may injure or harm yourself.

Final verdict

Weightlifters should own a pair of weightlifting shoes, as it will be like playing football in the rain without cleats. As per professional coaches of powerlifting, collegiate strength, conditioning settings, functional fitness competitions, every weightlifter whether professional or nonprofessional should own a pair of weightlifting shoes for themselves.

In the end, we would recommend every athlete to keep performing Olympic lifts like high squats, power clean, and its variation. It has been effective in increasing your sprints, force output capacity,and jumping, Weightlifting shoes are definitely viable footwear for power training sessions and weightlifting exercises. However, we leave the last decision on your fitness trainer!

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